A New Beginning!

In June 2011 I began my world travels with a journal of my travels, Othalan’s Travels, that was open ended and uncertain as the origin of my trip. It served its purpose at the time yet it was doomed to stagnation and eventual abandonment for one simple reason: It lacked purpose. It had no reason to exist aside from the fact that I saw so many other travelers writing about their adventures daily I felt I should do the same.

Three and a half years later I have a purpose behind having a presence on the web. A reason to write, a reason to share a small portion of my life with all who wander this way. In the past years I have come to see the world and myself in a very different light. Travel has forced me to examine and reexamine my views, the world around me, and even my own nature. This process leads me to many an interesting conclusion.

This web site has one purpose only: To share how I see the world.

I know already that this will involve my photography, which I use to capture the way I experience the world. I know also that I will be writing some carefully crafted articles on some very deep and possibly controversial philosophical subjects. While my musings on these topics are born of my experiences traveling the world and may reference exotic destinations, their nature will frequently not be directly related to travel.

A few other potential topics include memorable moments, sharing my expertise on world travel, reviews of products I use and (of course) travel stories.

Those of you who know me, or think you do, may be surprised at what you encounter here. I offer no apologies. This is the life I have designed for myself and with all its difficulties, challenges and imperfections I love it dearly. To me, it is truly a seductive life I live.

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