The Choice to Travel

In Kuala Lumpur I met Kathy and Lexis of On The Prowl. These girls are some of the most inspiring and heart warming travelers I have met. It is always difficult to find someone to travel with because travel is an intense experience that is hard on any relationship. Yet these girls, best friends, are so close and in sync with each other I have no doubt they will encounter none of the difficulties I have seen plague other relationships. Their blog is one of the more interesting I have read, giving two side-by-side perspectives on their experiences.

I have written a guest post for their blog where I write about how I started my travels and talk about why so few people talk about travel but never do it. The result is a work of art! I highly recommend you go read what I wrote and while you are there check out their amazing adventures!

The Chocie to Travel (via On The Prowl)

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