This is a new idea for a different type of post: A list of memorable moments, perhaps posted once every week or two. These are a few from the past but they would normally be from what has been happening recently.

Twelve memorable moments from the past years of travel….

  1. Greece: The “spit-it-out!” moment when a wasp commits suicide in my freshly opened bottle of beer.
  2. Mexico: The embarrassing moment learning Spanish when I realize I just asked for soap (jabón) on my sandwich instead of ham (jamón).
  3. Albania: The moment of unconditional love when I say to a wasp on my knee, “hello, my friend!” instead of “die evil fiend!”
  4. Spain: The lonely moment surrounded by millions of people but not single friend within a thousand miles.
  5. Spain: The delightfully alone moment when I realize there may not be another person within a hundred miles.

    Spain, Parque Natural de las Bardenas Reales, cabezo Castildetierra
    Spain, Parque Natural de las Bardenas Reales, cabezo Castildetierra
  6. Macedonia: The anxious moment when I spend 15 minutes trying to ask to use a bathroom in a foreign language only to receive a glass of water.
  7. Serbia: The moment of revulsion when a drunk guy tries to climb into bed with me in the middle of the night.
  8. Bolivia: The “why don’t we have this” moment when discovering an ice cream cone can be delivered to me on a motorbike.
  9. Egypt: The religious moment when I realize I accumulated most of the names in the Bible in the past three days in Egypt.
  10. Romania: The sensual moment lying on the grass in the sun, feeling the grass, smelling scents on the wind and listening to the sounds the city.
  11. Peru: The accepting moment when I see almost certain death approaching, disguised as a head-to-head collision between a motorcycle and a bus.
  12. Poland: The confused moment at the restaurant when my waitress says, “I’m sorry but we don’t have water.”

Warsaw, Poland

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