Ten Years Strong

17 January 2021. Tbilisi, Georgia. It took more than a week to understand the impact of that simple seeming statement: I have been exploring the world for more than a decade. Ten years of exotic locations, foreign cultures, and wild adventures. I lived through those adventures yet as I think back now on the scale of what I have done and how my life has changed as a result is almost more than I can comprehend.

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Playing a Conch Shell Horn at Vowz Bar Tokyo, Japan, May 2016

Six Years of Travel!

Six years of travel. These years have been glorious, horrible, transformative and borderline unbelievable. Let me tell you the tale ... no, there is too much ... let me sum up!



Every country has something it is known for, something famous around the world. Something that makes it worthy of being a country. But every country also has something small that is memorable to me. Each country has its little bit of inglorious fame.


Thoughts on Thailand

Thailand is possibly the most talked about country in the world among travelers. As I tend to walk the road less traveled I found it difficult to muster enthusiasm for such a destination yet I was determined to set aside my expectations when I arrived. Here are a few of my impressions....


Food for Thought

I love wandering around food markets in developing countries because of the flagrant disregard for what I once would have considered vital practices for handling food safely. It makes me wonder how much of western world safe food handling practices are actually necessary....

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The Three Question Budget

No matter how a person travels there is always one important question which comes to mind: How do I make the most of the money I have available? I have solved this dilemma with three simple questions.

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