Ten Years Strong

17 January 2021. Tbilisi, Georgia. It took more than a week to understand the impact of that simple seeming statement: I have been exploring the world for more than a decade. Ten years of exotic locations, foreign cultures, and wild adventures. I lived through those adventures yet as I think back now on the scale of what I have done and how my life has changed as a result is almost more than I can comprehend.

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Budva, Montenegro

New Gallery: Street Photography

Street Photography I define street photography as capturing moments of humanity.  Fleeting glimpses of what it means to be human, insights into the joys and sorrows of life, or insights…

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Spontaneous duet in Prague, Czech Republic

New Gallery: Street Musicians

Street Musicians A new gallery has been created commemorating street musicians, aka buskers. Musicians sharing their talent on the street free for all to hear, hoping for a small tip…

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Playing a Conch Shell Horn at Vowz Bar Tokyo, Japan, May 2016

Six Years of Travel!

Six years of travel. These years have been glorious, horrible, transformative and borderline unbelievable. Let me tell you the tale ... no, there is too much ... let me sum up!


Finding Freedom

Freedom is an interesting thing. I grew up in the United States of America, Land of the Free. I took it for granted that I had freedom in that glorious country of my birth. Then I left to travel the world and discovered freedom is not so simple as a happenstance of birth location.