Playing a Conch Shell Horn at Vowz Bar
Tokyo, Japan, May 2016


Six years of travel. These years have been glorious, horrible, transformative and borderline unbelievable. Let me tell you the tale … no, there is too much … let me sum up!

Six Years in Review

January 2011June 2011Tentative First Steps
Combining Travel and Work.
June 2011October 2012Following in the Footsteps of my Heroes:
Riding my motorcycle Alaska to Argentina.
October 2012December 2012Bolivia: The Crisis Point and Finding My Own Journey.
January 2013June 2013Argentina: The Tango Diversion.
June 2013November 2013Europe: Philosophical Self Discovery, Disillusionment and an End of an Era.
My motorcycle goes into storage in Ireland.
November 2013May 2014East Europe: A New Beginning with a Backpack … Full of Mistakes, Missteps and Failures
May 2014November 2014Serbia, Greece and East Europe: Death, Rebirth and Spiritual Awakening
November 2014June 2015Asia and South America: Spiritual Evolution
June 2015February 2016The Mobius Strip. Its a long story…
February 2016March 2017Asia, Europe, Colombia and Morocco: Life Reevaluation. Again.

There are so many stories involved in those past six years I find it is impossible to even find a starting point without writing the book so many people have asked about. One day perhaps I will find a way to tell the tale in full.

I sit now in Morocco, in Chefchaouen. The Blue City. The mountains remind me of Colorado as the cold nights tell me winter has not quite passed. I am on my way north into Spain and perhaps Portugal. I wonder, what will I find? In Colombia I expected salsa dancing but found yoga. In Morocco I expected a crazy overwhelming culture but found comfort, relaxing and good food. In Spain and Portugal I hope for music and dancing… but what will I find? What will fate set in my path?

I am looking for a new home. Six years on the road is a long time and I have come to realize the beauty in family, friends and community. Visiting family is always wonderful but in doing so I have come to realize I have become a foreigner in the town where I grew up. I could of course return and rediscover the USA. But if I am to be a foreigner, why not explore options in the rest of the world?

I will not stop traveling. Travel and adventure have become too much a part of my soul. This new home I am looking for will be a place I return to between adventures. A home base where I have friends and community I can return to and reconnect with. I have no clue where this desire will lead. I have naught but hopes, dreams and possibilities.

So many stories to tell. One day perhaps they will be told. For now I content to live my life.

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  1. Mom

    Expected, and welcome!

  2. Alan

    Nice summary!

    “I would sooner be a foreigner in Spain than in most countries.” – Orwell

  3. Vic

    Congratulations on 6 years of adventure! We are grateful for your continued safety and health. Remember that you have family and an open door here in Chicago. Come visit us and tell us some of your tales!

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