Cañon del Pato, Peru
Cañon del Pato, Peru

Every country has something it is known for, something famous around the world. Something that makes it worthy of being a country. But every country also has something small that is memorable to me. Each country has its little bit of inglorious fame.

Colombia: Best fried eggs.

Germany: Jaywalking never happens, no matter how empty the road.

Mexico: Freest Country

Guatemala: Missing manhole covers.

Egypt: Most common words spoken: “Maybe later?”

Argentina: Laziest people.

Romania: Best wine that is not exported.

Malaysia: Most multicultural.

Lao: Most relaxing massage.

Panama: Most Americanized.

Ukraine: Best people for deep and meaningful conversation.

Serbia: Most optimistic in the face of hardship.

Kosovo: A country that loves the USA.

Bosnia: Haunted by the memory of war.

Macedonia: No mosquitoes.

Hungary: Hardest people to get to know.

Poland: Mulled wine.

Bulgaria: Most entrepreneurial.

Turkey: Friendliness has been turned into a weapon for profit.

Bolivia: Where something breaks every time I visit.

Uruguay: Home of the only politician I admire.

Brazil: Best breakfast.

France: Best raw meat meals.

Paraguay: Best flavored yerba maté.

Thailand: Most inexplicable tourist fashion.

Greece: Most relaxed culture.

United Kingdom: Most violent.

Switzerland: Best stained glass.

Peru: Tunnels with Windows.

Ireland: Where I felt coldest.

Costa Rica: Worst hostel I slept at.

Belize: Best hostel for Christmas.

El Salvador: A country I have never seen when healthy.

Honduras: Where I met a traveler who has been on the road 30 years.

Nicaragua: Most difficult border crossing.

Canada (Yukon): Humblest people.

Ecuador: Most fresh paved roads.

Spain: Best snack food.

USA: Most interesting castle.

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  1. Steve Hipkins

    Just wondering what is going on with you. Where your at etc. I have followed you since you started working on your KLR for the trip via forum posts. I have read every blog as well. Your map (on old blog) looks like you have returned to US possibly? Anyway, Happy travels!

  2. othalan

    Hi Steve,
    I found the overview maps get increasingly misleading as my trip progresses, especially when I’m not on the bike. Which is why I don’t use them anymore. What looks there like going to the USA was just a brief visit, just more travel. As it happens I am in the USA at the moment, but am still traveling the world. Soon I will likely be in Asia. I may also get back on my faithful KLR in 2016! (It is in storage in Ireland).

    Thank you for following my adventures!

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