The Adventures of David and the Phoenix

In January 2011 I began a three year journey traveling the world by motorcycle, The Phoenix, a Kawasaki KLR650 (2005), heavily modified to fit my riding preference of adventure travel and dirt roads.  Together the Phoenix and I traveled overland from Colorado, North to Alaska South to Argentina, and across Europe from Romania to Ireland.  We saw more adventures together than I could ever begin to relate. In January 2014 I placed The Phoenix into storage in Ireland while I continued my travels with a backpack.  While my original intent was to rebuild The Phoenix and continue riding the world, I have since realized The Phoenix has served its time and further overland travel will take place on a new steed.  In 2019 I had The Phoenix sold in Ireland, may its new owner find many glorious adventures in this noble steed.

Below is a glimpse into the adventures of David and The Phoenix through the Americas and Europe.

3 Years of Overland Travel
3 Continents
27 Countries
100,000+ km (62,000+ miles)
1 Broken Frame
2 Times Stolen

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