Every country has something it is known for, something famous around the world. Something that makes it worthy of being a country. But every country also has something small that is memorable to me. Each country has its little bit of inglorious fame.


A Profound Experience

Opening my eyes I regained awareness of the world around me. My partner in the ritual, the room around us and even of time itself. The first sensation is of beauty. Beauty beyond comprehension, impossible to describe. I knew I had been connected to that infinite beauty before opening my eyes yet there was no sense of self during that boundless moment, not even the sensation as if I had been asleep. Had it been a few seconds? Minutes? Hours? Days? I could not tell. All of eternity had been contained within that timeless moment. I would have remained within that profound beauty forever were it possible.


Thoughts on Thailand

Thailand is possibly the most talked about country in the world among travelers. As I tend to walk the road less traveled I found it difficult to muster enthusiasm for such a destination yet I was determined to set aside my expectations when I arrived. Here are a few of my impressions....


Food for Thought

I love wandering around food markets in developing countries because of the flagrant disregard for what I once would have considered vital practices for handling food safely. It makes me wonder how much of western world safe food handling practices are actually necessary....

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The Three Question Budget

No matter how a person travels there is always one important question which comes to mind: How do I make the most of the money I have available? I have solved this dilemma with three simple questions.

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The Choice to Travel

The most common question I am asked is, "How did you start traveling the world?" But what everyone really wants to know when they ask this is, "How can I start traveling the world?"